Introducing Support for Electric Vehicles


Leanpark helps to build better cities with space efficient innovative robotic parking solutions. Moving towards the age of the electric vehicles, Leanpark introduces All Vehicle Robotic Parking and extends the scope of the Leanpark solution also to support electric vehicle charging.

Today, Leanpark supports the widest range of vehicles in the industry with the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking. Leanpark stands for parking convenience for all consumers and increased value for parking operators and property owners for years to come.

As a shaper of new urban spaces, Leanpark is ready for the age of the electric cars, imminent in 2020’s and beyond. Living to our All Vehicle Robotic Parking promise, Leanpark is dedicated to deliver parking and charging solutions for zero emission vehicles.

Multiple sources in the industry estimate that in several market areas electric vehicles will account for more than 25% of all new cars sold in 2025. Some countries, such as the Netherlands, are even planning to make sales of internal combustion engines forbidden after 2025.

For property developers, investors and Leanpark this megatrend is a reality already today. Leanpark paves the way for property developers to the next decade and is committed to deliver All Vehicle Robotic Parking solutions with an industry leading lifecycle ROI for the required investment lifecycle of 30-50 years. Consequently, Leanpark intends to release electric vehicle charging solution as the first manufacturer of robotic parking solutions during 2016.

In commercial and residential applications, the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution will continue to offer the maximum service level also to owners of electric vehicles. For the first time in the world, electric cars can be charged reliably, just-in- time, only for a desired period and in a controlled manner when they are parked for a long time. In a robotic parking facility, charging stations are not occupied in vain if a car is parked for a longer time. The Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking optimizes the use of charging positions for a large pool of EV cars, and ensures that all cars that need to be charged have a chance of connecting to a charging station.

Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking with electric vehicle charging will make it possible for urban planners and architects to design better cities for people and drive down carbon dioxide emissions as we approach the age of the electric car.

Leanpark is present at the 11th European ITS Conference in Glasgow, Scotland from 6. – 9.6.

About Leanpark:

Leanpark Ltd, is the manufacturer of the industry leading All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution. Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Leanpark is actively selling the solution in Europe and the Middle East through its own sales offices. The Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution provides industry leading total lifecycle ROI and up to 3x better efficiency than multilevel parking made of concrete and 5x better efficiency than surface parking. With our All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution, we provide today the best consumer parking experience for residential, commercial (malls, hotels, destinations) and high performance park-and- ride solutions for public transport and other sites demanding high performance in peak hours. With our electric vehicle charging solution, Leanpark delivers not only the best performance, but is also a future-proof robotic parking solution and ready for the EV age. Building better cities with the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking.

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