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How long does it take to retrieve a car?

Retrieval time in Leanpark’s automated parking systems depends on the system’s performance level and users’ retrieval rates. Leanpark designs each system to meet the project’s specific needs and achieve fast cycle times, usually within minutes, to improve convenience and efficiency. On a case-by-case basis, Leanpark can provide a throughput analysis to ensure customer requirements and the best possible experience are me


What is the expected return on investment (ROI) for implementing the Leanpark Automated Parking System?2023-01-12T16:16:11+02:00

The expected return on investment (ROI) for implementing the Leanpark Automated Parking System will depend on various factors, such as the size and location of the parking facility, the demand for parking, and the operating costs of the system. According to Leanpark case studies, the company’s automated parking systems have achieved payback periods as short as two years and ROIs as high as 30%. It is recommended to review specific Leanpark case studies and consult with the company’s sales team to get a more accurate estimate of the ROI for a particular project.

Why consider implementing an automated parking system instead of a conventional parking system?2023-01-12T16:15:37+02:00

Automated parking systems off several of benefits over traditional parking systems, including:

  • Saving space: Up to 50% less land area is required.

  • Reduced building volume: The required building volume is up to 50% smaller.

  • Environmentally friendly: Up to 85% fewer CO2 emissions are generated during the driving process.

  • Maximization of parking capacity: Up to 200% more parking spaces can be provided compared to conventional parking facilities.

  • Reduced development cost.

  • Lower operating cost.

  • High return on investment (ROI).

  • User-friendly and hassle-free.

  • Increased security and safety.

  • Enabling sustainability and mobility services.

  • Flexible, moveable, upgradeable, and modifiable.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.

How much does the Leanpark Automated Parking System cost?2023-01-12T16:14:45+02:00

The cost of the Leanpark Automated Parking System will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size and capacity of the system, the location and site conditions, and the specific features and options chosen. To get a more accurate estimate of the cost for a particular project, it is recommended to consult with the Leanpark team. They will be able to provide a customized quote based on your specific needs and requirements.

Can I be sure that nothing will drip on my car (e.g. oil, water) from the car above me in the system?2023-01-12T16:14:10+02:00

A pallet-based system ensures that every car is placed on a special pallet, which prevents any liquids from dripping onto the car. The pallet is located on the level below the car. Most pallet-less systems use solid concrete floors, which also eliminate the possibility of liquid dripping onto the car. The system is equipped with a pallet cleaning unit, which automatically cleans the pallets as needed.

What should be done if the system stops working and a user needs to urgently retrieve their car?2023-01-12T16:13:29+02:00

To retrieve belongings from a parked vehicle, it must typically be retrieved to an exit garage. However, with Leanpark’s automated parking system, it is possible to store the vehicle back without the need to drive it out and in again. This helps to make the process more convenient and efficient for users, saving time and effort.

How safe is it to park in a Leanpark automated parking system?2023-01-12T16:12:55+02:00

Parking with Leanpark is like parking in your own garage or a private vault. No one has access to your vehicle except you, so you can be confident that your car will be handled safely and securely. The automated system eliminates the risk of damage and provides the highest level of safety and security for your vehicle

Are there limitations on the types of cars that can use Leanpark?2023-01-12T16:12:19+02:00

Leanpark’s systems are designed to accommodate a range of vehicle dimensions based on the site’s location and space constraints. The company also offers customizable options to fit the specific needs of a project. This means that Leanpark’s automated parking systems can be tailored to fit the vehicles commonly found in the local market and make the most efficient use of available space.

What can be expected in terms of user experience with Leanpark?2023-01-12T16:11:09+02:00

Leanpark’s app and local displays provide a high level of interaction and control for users over the entire parking process, offering a convenient and efficient experience similar to a traditional valet service. This personalized service and attention to detail help make the automated parking process a seamless and enjoyable experience for users

What happens during a power outage?2023-01-12T16:10:28+02:00

Leanpark system is designed with a backup generator that allows the system to maintain its defined performance level even in the event of a power outage. This helps to ensure that the automated parking system remains operational and can continue to provide reliable service to users

What should be done in the event of a fault with car retrieval?2023-01-12T16:09:51+02:00

Leanpark provides 24/7 service with immediate response to service calls. In case of a fault, any user can report the case, and a Leanpark technician connects remotely to the site to resolve the case. If needed, a technician will be dispatched immediately to the site

Can the Leanpark system damage a car?2023-01-12T16:09:11+02:00

Leanpark’s automated parking system is highly accurate due to advanced technology and multiple sensors that ensure precise vehicle positioning and storage, reducing the risk of damage or error. Its accuracy is significantly higher than other parking options, giving users confidence in the safety and security of their vehicles.

Can a car ever get stuck in the system?2023-01-12T16:08:25+02:00

Automated parking systems, including Leanpark’s, are designed with redundancies to minimize the risk of a car becoming stuck in the system. If one component fails, another can take over and perform the same function, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimizing the risk of delays or issues. Leanpark offers 24/7 local service availability to address any site dispatch needs and ensure smooth operations and quick response to service calls. This helps to ensure reliable and seamless service for users of the automated parking system

What are the operational costs associated with Leanpark’s automated parking solutions?2023-01-12T16:07:40+02:00

Overall, the operational costs of an automated parking system are lower than those of a traditional parking facility due to a variety of factors. These include energy savings from reduced lighting and ventilation requirements, lower manpower costs, and lower insurance expenses

Is the cost of service and maintenance for Leanpark’s automated parking solutions comparable to that of conventional parking structures?2023-01-12T16:07:06+02:00

Leanpark’s automated parking systems are designed for efficiency and minimal maintenance, helping to keep service and maintenance costs low and ensure reliable operation over the long term. The cost of servicing and maintaining these systems is largely dependent on the number of components and the frequency of use

Is construction time shorter than for conventional parking?2023-01-12T16:06:18+02:00

Yes, Leanpark’s space-saving solutions can shorten construction timetables by requiring less building materials and smaller construction projects.

What happens when multiple users retrieve their car at the same time?2023-01-12T16:05:41+02:00

Leanpark carefully plans its automated parking systems to handle high traffic and minimize retrieval times, considering smooth operation during peak periods. Its solutions accommodate a wide range of parking capacities, from a few spaces to thousands. Leanpark’s products address different parking capacity and performance needs, no matter the size of the project. Through pre-calculations and simulations, Leanpark developers design the system to be as efficient as possible and avoid delays

How do Leanpark’s technical standards compare to other companies in the automated parking industry?2023-01-12T16:04:32+02:00

Leanpark’s Automated Parking System is designed and manufactured in Finland in collaboration with industry leaders in automation. The system is tailored to the Finnish and Nordic markets and meets Finnish and EU standards. Leanpark uses commercially available, proven parts and products in the development of its systems.

The company has carefully considered potential risk factors and problems in the design of its system, and has implemented solutions to mitigate these potential risks. These include:

  • Cold and snowy weather conditions

  • Water and oil leaks

  • Fire risks

  • Fire risks in the case of electric vehicles (EVs)

  • Technical and system failures

  • Electricity outages

  • System outages or downtime

  • Peak times

  • Queuing and waiting times

  • Heat and dust

How is Leanpark different from other automated parking vendors?2023-01-12T16:03:20+02:00

Leanpark’s automated parking solution is customizable and modular, making it compact, agile, and quick to install for projects of all sizes and shapes. It has proven its high standards in quality, performance, and cost-efficiency, particularly in the Nordic countries where Leanpark is a leading company in the field. Leanpark works closely with clients to solve their challenges and achieve their business goals, and has a presence in the region as well as collaborations with leading automation companies. The maintenance program offered by Leanpark ensures quick and quality services with excellent after-sales and maintenance service on-shore. The solution is also designed to withstand snowy and cold weather conditions.

What makes Leanpark a good choice for developers and architects in their projects?2023-01-12T16:02:35+02:00

Leanpark technology is designed to address the problem of limited or inefficiently utilized parking space in real estate developments. By providing a fully automated car parking system, Leanpark technology aims to optimize the use of available parking spaces and increase the return on investment for real estate projects.

In addition, Leanpark offers a range of solutions for various parking capacity needs, from a few spaces to hundreds or even thousands. Its product line is designed to meet the specific requirements of your project, no matter the size. Leanpark has the flexibility to accommodate projects of any scale and meet the unique needs of your project.

When should a developer/architect consider Leanpark?2023-01-12T16:01:35+02:00

Leanpark can help you achieve a higher level of design excellence by freeing up space for design flexibility and improved building flow. Its smaller footprint allows you to utilize the available space more efficiently, enabling you to create a more cohesive and functional design

How convenient the Leanpark Automated Parking System is?2023-01-12T16:00:46+02:00

Leanpark Automated parking systems offer a convenient experience for customers, allowing them to park and retrieve their vehicles with the press of a button. Leanpark enhances this convenience by providing full visibility into the parking and retrieval process through a mobile app and waiting area screens, giving real-time updates and reducing uncertainty. These transparency and accessibility features make the parking process more efficient and convenient for all users, even during peak periods. While some customers may prefer the leisure of a traditional parking system, Leanpark’s automated solution provides a hassle-free experience for all.”

How reliable is the Leanpark system?2023-01-12T16:00:05+02:00

Leanpark is a reliable choice for automated parking solutions, with decades of experience in storage and retrieval system design and implementation. Its technology is based on proven elevator technology, tested in the field for over 20 years, and includes redundancies to ensure reliability. Leanpark designs its systems to be efficient, reliable, and safe, using only reliable and efficient equipment. The intuitive controls are easy to use and help reduce the risk of errors and accidents. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure maximum system availability and a long lifetime, and Leanpark offers a comprehensive maintenance program with smart technologies to ensure this. Trust in Leanpark’s expertise and reliable technology for your automated parking needs

How reliable are automated parking systems compared to traditional parking garages?2023-01-12T15:59:10+02:00

Automated parking systems are generally reliable, as they are designed with multiple safety features and controls to prevent accidents and malfunctions. However, like any mechanical system, they can experience breakdowns or other issues that may disrupt service. Regular maintenance and training of maintenance staff can help to improve the reliability of an automated parking system.

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