The Leanpark Automated Parking System is designed and manufactured in Finland in partnership with industry leaders in automation. It is built to meet Finnish and European standards and uses commercially available, proven parts and products to ensure reliability and performance. Whether you are located in Finland or another market, our system is designed to deliver exceptional results.

Technical Specification Description
System Type Tower Shuttle System
Automation Level Fully automated
Area of application Mixed-use
Modular Based Yes
Pallet Based Yes
Standards European
Platform load for car weight up to 3,000 kg
The ideal number of levels Up to 6 (Ideal height)
Row arrangement Single-line or dual-line
Expandable Yes
Moveable Yes
System design Custom-made with standard modules
System capacity Compact, high density
Retrieval time Extremely fast
Footprint Minimal footprint areas
Number of garages As per requirement
Number of parking spaces As per requirement
Emergency & System Maintenance Yes
Ramps and driving lanes No ramps and driving lanes
Ventilation and illumination requirements Minimal
EV charging system Yes, as per the requirements
Fire safety system According to the regulation
Fire safety system for electric cars Patented multilayer safety solution available (optional)
Safety and Security system Yes
Data gathering, data storage Yes
Maintenance cost Low
Mobile App Yes
IoT, AI, sensors, camera Yes
System management software Yes
Pattern Recognition System Yes
Self-diagnostics reporting system Yes
Power consumption Low
Backup System Yes
Motor Speed According to the solution and requirements
Working Voltage According to the solution and requirements
Lift system Yes
Redundancy system Yes
Manual take-over Yes
System reliability High
Fire & Smoke Separation Between Floors Yes
Heat tolerance +40°C, Risk mitigation measures implemented
Cold tolerance +5°C, Risk mitigation measures implemented
Humidity tolerance 70 % RH
Dust tolerance µg/m3
Recommend temperatures 5 °C
Noise level inside 85 dB
Pillar type Square steel pillar / Concrete pillar
Add-on options Yes
Drainage channels Yes
Technical Specification Description
System support 24/7 Remote assistant
System uptime High availability rates
System failure prevention Multilayer of the failure prevention system
Cloud-based system software Yes
Resistance to cold and snow Designed for Nordic weather conditions
Water and oil leak management Drainage channels available

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