In 2014, Leanpark delivered an automated parking system for the Aleksi11 building in Lahti. The building is in a central city area. Due to the need for a high number of parking spaces, combined with the complex architecture of the new building and limited building footprint, conventional parking would not have been able to provide the required amount of parking spaces.

In Aleksi 11, the number of parking spaces was achieved as per customer requirements due to the nature and design of automated parking in comparison to a conventional car park.

The integrated automated parking system was the first generation of the LeanPark Automated Parking System. It features pallet-based technology. Operations started in 2014 and both clients and users are delighted with its performance.


  • Fully automated under-ground parking system
  • Integrated into the property for a seamless experience
  • Accommodates 175 parking slots

Check out our video to see the fully automated under-ground parking system in action at the Aleksi11 building in Lahti. In this video, you’ll get a tour of the facility and see how our system efficiently and conveniently accommodates 175 parking slots. Click here to watch the video and learn more about the benefits of our automated parking system.

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  • 2022

    Underground parking - New development. 600 parking spaces with a conventional system.

  • 2022

    Existing underground parking facility to be upgraded. 89 parking spaces with a conventional system.

  • 2022

    Property with above and underground parking facility. Capacity for 402 parking spaces with a traditional system.

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