• Convert above-ground space to retail or residential use, while maintaining the same number of parking spaces (402) and increasing efficiency
  • Implement a hybrid robotic parking model with a system throughput of 50 cars per hour
  • Provide long-term parking (over 3 hours)


  • Unable to construct an underground parking facility due to ground conditions
  • Project cost is high due to the property’s central location

Leanpark solution

The System Unit consists of 10 separate Modules, each of which can operate independently of one other. The system capacity is 402 car parking slots in total.

The automatic parking system (“System”) consists of parking rooms where the users park their vehicles and a self-supporting steel shelf structure where the parked vehicles are stored. The vehicles are transported from the parking rooms to the storage shelves and back on aluminum transport platforms by the Omnilift Smart™ transfer system and Leanpark Omnilift Smart System Software.


  • 1
    Maintain the desired number of parking spaces (402)
  • 2
    Free up a total of 4,200 m2 on floors 2 and 3 for other uses
  • 3
    Achieve a significant business value through the repurposed space on floors 2 and 3, with an estimated value/ROI of 8 million Euros
  • 4
    Reduce operating and capital expenses significantly.
Case Study – Sweden
Project: Complex building – Mix use
Objectives: Free up space, allocate 402 ap
Challenge: Limited space, Difficult ground condition
Conventional parking
Key factors Attributes
Required space 3 floors of the building
Capacity 402 ap
Cost ~ 50-60k / ap
Leanpark Automated Parking
Attributes Benefits Value / ROI
6 Levels, Rapidpark solution offered ~ 40% of the allocated freed-up ~ 6 M Euro
402 ap Customer requirement met ### Euro
Offered price Saving ### Euro

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  • 2022

    Underground parking - New development. 600 parking spaces with a conventional system.

  • 2022

    Existing underground parking facility to be upgraded. 89 parking spaces with a conventional system.

  • 2022

    Property with above and underground parking facility. Capacity for 402 parking spaces with a traditional system.

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